Installation Of Air Conditioning Perth

All air conditioning works are carried out by fully accredited and trained tradespeople with many years experience in the Perth air conditioning industry under our direct supervision.

All refrigeration work will be carried out by fully competent and trained refrigeration fitters who have accreditation with the Artic in the handling of refrigerants.

A licensed electrical contractor approved by Western Power will carry out all electrical work.

The air conditioning fan coil unit will be suspended from the roof structure; various methods of fixings are used depending on the home construction and available space.

 Once a complete site inspection has been carried out by the Winton Air Conditioning Perth installation team, we will discuss grille positions with you. We will suggest positions based on providing the best air conditioning performance possible. However should you have specific requirements, please discuss these with our team.

 The Winton Air Conditioning refrigeration fitter will discuss with you the outdoor unit position; consideration must be given to adequate space to prevent air recirculation. The air conditioning outdoor unit will be placed on condenser mounts to prevent vibration and be secured to the ground.

 Fully insulated air conditioning refrigeration piping will connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. This piping will run through the ceiling space and where exposed to view on outside of home, it will be enclosed in a suitable pipe cover.

 Condensate will be drained from the indoor fan coil unit utilising a minimum 20 mm “P” trapped waste pipe, the fan coil will also be fitted with an emergency drain pan which will also be piped into the condensate waste pipe.

 Our Winton Air Conditioning Perth approved electrical contractor will run a dedicated electrical circuit from your switch board to the outdoor unit, complete with a weather proof isolator mounted adjacent to the outdoor unit. Inter connecting control wiring between indoor and outdoor units will be run alongside refrigeration piping.

 Our electrician will discuss with you the various positions available to locate the air conditioning controller and zone controller panel.

 Once our Winton Air Conditioning Perth team have completed the installation of your air conditioning sytstem, our qualified refrigeration fitter will carry out the final commissioning, this includes checking of refrigerant levels, electrical connections, air balancing and general performance tests.

 After commissioning your air conditioning system, we will explain correct operating procedures and discuss with you how to operate your air conditioning system most efficiently.

Warranty Information For Air Conditioning Systems

• Winton Air Conditioning Perth offers a standard 2-year guarantee on workmanship and installation for total peace of mind, subject to annual maintenance being carried out.

• All air conditioning equipment comes with a full five year parts and labour warranty subject to there owner responsibility conditions.

• Advantage Air ducting and components comes with a 10 year parts only warranty.

• Advantage Air control systems come with a 5-year replacement warranty.

• Quotation valid for 30 days.

• Ceiling should be insulated to a rating of R2.5 to obtain maximum efficiency, a quotation can be provided should this be required.

• Price excludes any work required to upgrade switchboard to accommodate new air conditioning system (i.e. connection of 3 phase power).

• Price excludes all penetrations, bulkheads, dropped ceilings, duct enclosures, painting and patching.

• Warranty calls in metro area will be carried out during normal working hours (8.00 am to 4.00 pm) Monday to Friday; calls outside metro area may incur a travel charge.
Terms Of Payment

• On acceptance of quotation a deposit is required.
• Full and final payment due upon completion.
• Homes under construction will require progress payments as work is done with final payment on completion.
• The method of payment is by cheque, cash or EFT.
• Credit card payments may be subject to a surcharge.

As with every air conditioning system we design, quality, versatility and performance is the main priority. Should you find your air conditioning proposal does not meet your requirements or budget, please contact us at Winton Air Conditioning in Perth to discuss the options available.