Zone Controls

In designing your air conditioning system, Winton Air Conditioning  Perth have divided your home into a number of zones with similar air conditioning needs to match your living patterns. This design allows you to switch off the air conditioning to where it is not needed, thus saving energy and running costs.

We utilise the award winning Exact Air Regulator manufactured by Advantage Air for zone control incorporating opposed blade damper control. Older style metal damper barrels utilising a scoop are not used as they tend to leak as time goes on and this leakage will reduce system efficiency and will result in increased running costs.

Winton Air Conditioning Perth does not use the older style engraved switch plates for zone control. This style of zoning generally means having a constant zone to prevent damage to the air conditioning system which may be caused by running the system without a zone open. The latest Zone Station system allows for a design with no constant as the electronic technology will never allow you to shutdown all zones. This will even further increase system efficiency and help reduce running costs as you will not be conditioning an unused area. From time to time a system will be designed with a constant due to house configuration; we will explain this to you at time of presenting quotation.

The different types of air conditioning controllers can be viewed below:

MyAir Air Conditioning Controller

The MyAir controller by Advantage Air is the controller of choice used by Winton Air Conditioning in Perth when installing the majority of our Daikin air conditioning systems.

The Myair controller is a colour touch screen controller. Not only does it look great, it also lets you control your air conditioning zones in increments rather than just switching zones on or off. (e.g. open Bed 1 70%, Living 90%^, Theatre 40% etc.).

The MyAir controller by Advantage Air also allows you to easily set programmes for times when you want your air conditioning system to come on and off. You can also save favourite settings (such as a setting to open certain areas for when you get home on a hot day).

You can also add the iPhone application which allows you to control the air conditioning system with your iPhone, provided you have a wireless internet network at home. This option does cost extra, so if you are interested please ask one of the staff at Winton Air Conditioning in Perth.

Advantage Air Zone Station II Controller

Panasonic Air Conditioning systems come with 2 controllers. Firstly you get the Panasonic air conditioning unit controller that adjusts airflow, unit function and your temperature settings. You also get the Zone Station II controller pictured above.

This controller allows up to 6 zones that can be turned on or off at a touch of a button. This controllers once again does not need a fixed constant as it comes with an electronic constant that only switches on if it is required.

This Zone Station II controller is also made by Advantage Air and has been used for many years and proven itself both a stylish and reliable controller. The Zone Station II is the controller of choice used by Winton Air Conditioning Perth for most of our Panasonic air conditioning installtions.

A second Zone Station panel is available for double storey or large homes, a price can be provided upon your request.