Air Distribution System


The recommended mode of operation under peak design conditions is any combination of zones equal to the unit capacity in kW. A drawing is provided showing duct layout and approximate outlet locations. This drawing is for diagrammatic purposes only, final unit location and outlet positions will be determined on site in a mutually agreeable location.

To ensure you achieve maximum performance from your air conditioning equipment it is imperative your air distribution system be designed correctly (your air conditioning equipment will only be as good as the air distribution system allows it to be). The system has been designed keeping in mind your requirements and ensuring a quiet and efficient system. Winton Air Conditioning Perth uses Advantage Air components.

Conditioned air is supplied to multi-directional streamline ceiling diffusers as standard; other grilles are available as an optional extra. These modern and versatile outlets offer maximum flexibility due to multiple cores that can be set-up to suit your personal lifestyle whilst their aerodynamic design ensures they are quiet and efficient.

A Purtech Return Air Grille will be installed. These latest style grilles will dramatically improve the air quality inside your home compared to ordinary filters using a multi-layer Electrostatic Filter. This filter uses static electricity to attract even the smallest dust particles and lint. This grille features a removable core and filter; for easy cleaning and will not deteriorate with washing.

All supply and return air will be via fully insulated, fire rated flexible ducting. This quality ducting is manufactured using the ‘double fold’ method for greater strength and is fitted with BHP galvanised wire for its anti-corrosion properties and to ensure the ducting cannot be squashed. This ducting is fully insulated using high grade 50 mm polyester and complies with all required regulations.