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Air Conditioning Perth News MyAir3 Update


Well it has been another couple of cold months since our last air conditioning Perth update. The cold weather should be leaving us soon so now is a good time to look at getting your air conditioning installed before the busy and hectic hot summer months.

In air conditioning news, the new MyAir3 controller from Advantage Air is just going through the final test stages and should be ready for sale early in the coming summer months. The new MyAir 3 controller will have numerous functions and will be available for sale at Winton air conditioning Joondalup once it is released. The new MyAir3 controller is tipped to have more integration with the air conditioning unit. The MyAir3 should also allow the possibilities to easily add temperature control systems to your new MyAir3 system as well as the ability to access your air conditioning system through your iPhone.  

Watch this space for further updates and information about the Advantage Air MyAir3 controller as more news is released. Winton Air Conditioning will keep you up to date with all the air conditioning Perth news.  


Air Conditioning Perth News Update

It has been a while since out last air conditioning Perth update. The weekly updates have been put to one side as the weather has been hot and the air conditioners flying out of the door.

We have been busy at Winton air conditioning Joondalup through the summer months and now into Winter. The cold weather has meant the reverse cycle air conditioners (that provide both cooling and heating) have continued to sell well.

Daikin & Panasonic air conditioners have been a popular choice of brand at Winton Air Conditioning. Also, Winton Air Conditioning are now offering Samsung air conditioning units. With Winton Air Conditionings ability to offer you a choice of Daikin, Panasonic or Samsung air conditioners, you are sure to find a brand that will suit your needs and budget. 

So if you are after a quote for air conditioning, please give Winton Air Conditioning a call. 


MyAir 2, Now available for air conditioning Perth.

The new MyAir 2 has recently been released by Advantage Air.

As you may know, the MyAir series is a colour touch screen controller produced by Advantage Air. Winton Air Conditioning uses the MyAir controller on the majority of our air conditioning perth installations.

This MyAir2 controller is not only stylish, but it also lets you control zones in increments meaning more comfort for the end user.

There are also ways where you can link up your iphone to your air conditioning system. This connection is not a standard however, so please ask us about how to add this on to your quote.

Winton air conditioning has a working MyAir controller in our show room which you can have a play around with to see how easy the controller is to use. So if you are interested in using the MyAir controller with your next air conditioning installation, come down and see us at 2/20 Mercer Lane Joondalup WA - Winton Air Conditioning.


The Latest Winton Air Conditioning Perth News.

Winter is finally over and Perth is well into the season of spring. It has still been quite a cold start to Spring, however the warmer weather is on the way. The temperature in Perth for the next week is expected to climb well over the 30 degree celcius mark.

So Winton Air Conditioning's air conditioning Perth tip for the week is to get your air conditioning quotes done asap before the weather heats up.

Usually after the first hot days leading into summer, Winton Air Conditioning is inundated with calls for new air conditioning systems, air conditioning services and air conditioning repairs for their existing air conditioning systems.

To beat the mad rush, Winton Air Conditioning recommends that if you need to purchase, repair or service an air conditioning system, the best time is to sort it out now before the hot weather comes. Once the hot weather comes, we can still come out to quote but it may take longer to both get your air conditioning quote to you and a longer period of time to book in the air conditioning installation.

So if you have been waiting to sort out your air conditioning in Perth, now is a great time to call Winton Air Conditioning in Joondalup.


Air Conditioning Perth Advice.

If you live in Perth and are after a new air conditioning system, please give Winton Air Conditioning a call. Winton Air Conditioning specialises in ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems, as well as supplying wall split, multi split and evaporative air conditioning systems for the Perth air conditioning market.

Winton Air Conditioning can also provide you with expert advice to discuss which type of air conditioning system will best suit your needs.

So if you are getting an air conditioning quote, be sure to get an obligation free quotation from Winton Air Conditioning.


Air Conditioning Perth Tips.

Below is a list of air conditioning Perth tips compiled by Winton Air Conditioning to help you with the selecting and running of your air conditioning system. Please have a read below of our top 5 air conditioning Perth tips:

1) When on cooling, consider setting the temperature a few degrees higher than normal if this is still comfortable. The higher the temperature set point on cooling, the more likely it is that the air conditioning system will cycle off which may help reduce running costs.

2) When on heating mode, consider setting the air conditioning temperature setting a few degrees lower than what you would usually run it at, that is still comfortable. The lower the air conditioning controller set point on heating, the more likely it is that the air conditioning system will cycle off which may help reduce running costs.

3) Winton Air Conditioning recommends regular service for your air conditioning system. Please give Winton Air Conditioning a call for you air conditioning service and air conditioning Perth needs today.

4) Winton Air Conditioning recommends regular cleaning of your air conditioning systems filter to help increase output, lower the incidence of air conditioning breakdowns and to possibly increase the longevity of your air conditioning system. If you are unable to clean your filter, an air conditioning service by Winton Air Conditioning includes cleaning the filters as part of the air conditioning service.

5) The final Winton Air Conditioning air conditioning Perth tip is to make sure the air conditioning system that you choose to purchase will best suit your needs. There are many different types of air conditioning systems available, ranging from single room to whole house air conditioning systems. You can be sure when you deal with Winton Air Conditioning that we will discuss a system with you and design something for you that best suits your needs and budget.


Winton Air Conditioning now offering Samsung Air Conditioning systems.

Winton Air Conditioning is pleased to announce we are now offering the Samsung brand of air conditioners. Samsung air conditioners are a great option for anyone interested in either a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, wall split air conditioning system or a casette air conditioning system.

The Samsung ducted air conditioners offered by Winton Air Conditioning come with a Premium Controller which has a back lit LCD screen for ease of use. The controller also comes with a weekly operation scheduler, child lock, on/off timer and even more functions.

The Samsung ducted air conditioning units offered by Winton Air Conditioning come in a range of sizes from 7.1Kw up to 18.0Kw. The Samsung wall splits offered by Winton Air Conditioning range from 2.5Kw (suitable to air condition a small Bedroom or Study) up to 8.0Kw (for a Main Living area). Samsung casette air conditioning systems offered by Winton Air Conditioning range from 7.1Kw up to 14.0Kw. Samsung can also offer an array of multi split air conditioning units which are especially usefull not only for standard homes but for commercial projects and those harder installs where a ducted system may not be possible.

So if you are after a Samsung air conditioning system or any air conditioning system, please call Winton Air Conditioning who have been servicing the Air Conditioning Perth market for many years.


Air Conditioning Perth Advice.

Winton Air Conditioning have a strong history of servicing the Air Conditioning Perth market. Winton Air Conditioning can custom design an air conditioning package to suit your needs. Whether you need a wall split air conditioning system, an evaporative air conditioning system or a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system anywhere in and around Perth, Winton Air Conditioning can help you out.

The first step to getting a new air conditioning system is to decide what system you are after. Choosing a new air conditioning system is often decided by a few factors. What type of area you need to air condition, whether you need both heating and cooling and your budget are the first few factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a new air conditioning system.

This is where Winton Air Conditioning can help. We can discuss with you different options to determine which air conditioning system will best suit your needs.

Some other factors to consider include the physical space you have available for an air conditioning system and how often you will use the air conditioning system. When designing any new air conditioning system, Winton Air Conditioning will weigh up all of these factors and present an air conditioning quote which we consider best suits your needs.

Winton Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Perth and surrounding suburbs.


Winton Air Conditioning & Panasonic Air Conditioners.

Winton Air Conditioning in Perth have been doing a lot of sales in Panasonic Air Conditioners lately and it is not hard to see why.

Panasonic offers a great range of air conditioners, each with stylish looks and excellent reliabilty. What's more, Panasonic have just released an exciting range of new air conditioning products.  

You can trust Winton Air Conditioning in Perth to size up, design and quote on the correct Panasonic air conditioner to suit your needs. Winton Air Conditioning in Perth are part of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network. Winton Air Conditioning can offer Panasonic wall split units, fully ducted Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioning units and even Panasonic ceiling cassettes and multi split air conditioning units.

For a quote on a great Panasonic Air Conditioning system in Perth, please call us at Winton Air Conditioning (a Panasonic Air Conditioning specialist) on 9301 0088.


Building A House?

If you are building a house in Perth Western Australia, have you planned and set a budget for an air conditioning system?

Most people building a new home realise they want to add air conditioning at some stage of the development. But when should you look at getting air conditioning if you are building?

If you are building a single storey home, you will have a couple of options. Most single storey homes can have air conditioning fitted once construction has been completed. This is because it is usually possible to access most areas after construction has been completed, especially if you have a good pitched roof space.

However, it is still recommended to get quotes as early on into the build as possible. Also, if your builder allows it, it is often beneficial to start the air conditioning installation during the building process. This saves you from having to get the system installed once your home has been completed. 

If you are building a 2 storey home or bigger, the time to get air conditioning quotes is as early on into the build as possible. 

Adding air conditioning into a 2 storey home or bigger is a big issue and it requires the knowledge and expertise of an experienced air conditioning company such as Winton Air Conditioning in Perth

For multi storey homes, air conditioning needs to be designed and allowed for into the house plans, so it is often best to get quotes as early on into the build as possible and before the plans have been finalised. This is because air conditioning systems may need components added to your house plans such as air conditioning duct penetrations to get ducting downstairs, bulkheads to allow ducts to access downstairs areas, power provided to outdoor unit locations, areas set aside for compressor locations and much more. 

This is why it is important to organise your air conditioning quotes before plans have been finalised. If you are building in Perth and want to get an air conditioning quotation drawn up, please feel free to contact us at Winton Air Conditioning in Perth for an obligation free quote.  


Winter Months and your air conditioning system.

With those cool mornings upon us, many customers are now running their Perth air conditioning systems on heating mode to warm up on those chilly mornings. One feature that comes with many air conditioning units that people do not know about is the defrost mode.

When your air conditioning is running in heating mode, cool air gets expelled from the outdoor unit. This cool air, combined with the cold outside conditions can result in air conditioning units freezing up. This is where in certain air conditioning units, a defrost function comes into play.

The defrost function basically works by automatically reversing the gasses, which causes warm air to get expelled from the compressor which can then defrost the compressor unit.

Certain air conditioners will do this automatically. Sometimes you can notice when the unit is defrosting as the indoor unit will switch off for a period of time to allow the defrost to occur.


Free Air Conditioning Quotes in Perth through Winton Air Conditioning.

Winton Air Conditioning in Perth has just added a free quote now button to it's homepage.

This new feature not only allows you to easily get a quote from Winton Air Conditioning, it also allows you to attach your plans so we can get a quote out to you sooner.

So if you are after a quote for air conditioning for your Perth home, please feel free to send us an email, give us a call or drop by at our office sometime for a chat.


Winton Air Conditioning & Advantage Air Components.

Being winter, it is a great time to discuss some of the components that Winton Air Conditioning in Perth uses when installing your air conditioning system in your Perth home. Of course, everyone know with air conditionng that you have your unit, outlets and controllers. But pictured below is what is commonly referred to as a y-piece or more specifically an exact air.

These exact air's produced by Advantage Air are what Winton Air Conditioning uses to distribute the airflow in the roof space of a ducted air conditioning system. Exact airs are made from sturdy plastic, and have changeable adaptors that allow us to easily change around components as required. They also have opposed blade dampers which offer more precise airflow control.

The grey objects on top of the exact air are the motors that allow you to open and close your zones as required. Finally, the duct will join each connection to allow the airflow to pass from the indoor fancoil unit to the outlets located in your ceiling space.

Winton Air Conditioning have been using components like the exact air from Advantage Air for many years due to their great reliability and performance. Please feel free to discuss with Winton Air Conditioning in Perth any other aspects of your air conditioning system that you have questions about.


Happy new financial year!

The new financial year is here which means a new start of a new business year for Winton Air Conditioning in Perth. With the cold weather now truly upon us, now is a perfect time to look at installing air conditioning. 

The winter months are a great time to get a great deal on your air conditioning. It also means you can get your air conditioning system installed straight away rather than having to wait 2-3 weeks in the rush of summer.

Winton Air Conditioning in Perth are currently running some great prices on Panasonic & Daikin air conditioners. Why not give us a call or an email to discuss your air conditioning needs. 

Remember, the Winton Air Conditioning office is now located at 2/20 Mercer Lane Joondalup WA.  


Perth Winter Storms.

After the storms, now it's time for the cold Perth winter mornings. With cold mornings (like this morning) around the 2 degree mark, many people have contacted Winton 

Winton Air Conditioning have also been getting an influx of air conditioning service calls like we do every year around this time. If you are having trouble with your air conditioning unit not heating, first check to make sure you have it on the heating function. It sounds basic, but roughly half of the units we get calls for around this time of year are just that the mode has not been switched over.

The most common way to turn your air conditioner from cooling to heating is to press the mode button. This will then scroll through the screen and you usually need to change the symbol from a snow flake to a sun symbol. Some air conditioning units will also have the words "cool" or "heat" written. In this case, just change your air conditioner from cool to heat.

If you are still having problems with any air conditioning system, you can call the friendly team at Winton Air Conditioning in Perth to come out, service and repair your system if necessary. Just give us a call on (08) 9301 0088.


Winton Air Conditioning & Advantage Air's Zone Station II Controller.

Well it is officially winter in Perth and what a couple of days of strong winds, storms and rain we have had.

If your Perth home is starting to get cold this winter, perhaps it is time to look at a ducted reverse cycle or wall split air conditioning system? These air conditioning systems are great ways to easily and efficiently heat your home.

In air conditioning news, Advantage Air has released the updated Zone Station II controller which can be seen below. The updated controller has a new look and instead of using stickers for zone labels, the controller now uses plastic tiles for a more complete finish. Winton Air Conditioning in Perth uses the Zone Station controller in tandem with the Panasonic unit controller on most Panasonic ducted air conditioning installations we carry out in Perth.


Happy new year from the staff at Winton Air Conditioning in Perth.

Christmas is now over and the new year has now started. Happy new years to all! Whilst many had holidays over the Christmas break, Winton Air Conditioning remained open for business servicing and installing many air conditioners in Perth homes ensuring our customers could have a nice cool Christmas.

Although the Christmas period was relatively busy, the start of January has seen an influx of customers after ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems for their Perth homes.

Luckily we have managed to avoid any of the 40+ degree days thus far, but with the end of January and the start of February quickly approaching, be sure to get your air conditioning Perth needs sorted out as soon as possible.

If you need an air conditioning service in Perth, repair or new system installed, be sure to contact us at Winton Air Conditioning in Perth to help.


Merry Christmas from everyone at Winton Air Conditioning!

It's almost Christmas and the team at Winton Air Conditioning are already busy filling up installation dates in early January 2012 for the people of Perth.

If you would like you air conditioning supplied & installed by the team at Winton Air Conditioning, be sure to give us a call or an email today.


Summer air conditioning advice.

With summer now upon us, Winton Air Conditioning in Perth have had an influx of Perth air conditioning clients looking for Winton Air Conditioning to cool them down before Christmas.

If you too would like you air conditioning system supplied & installed before Christmas, now is the time to act.

Please give us a call at Winton Air Conditioning on 9301 0088, or send us an email at


Winton Air Conditioning & Air Conditioning in WA.

Winton Air Conditioning has been a long time user of Advantage Air products. Advantage Air have recently set up a website devoted to air conditioning services in Perth WA. This site is called Air Conditioning In WA.

You can check out our Winton Air Conditioning in Perth WA profile. Here there are some testimonials about Winton Air Conditioning, some video clips of Zarne & James discussing air conditioning as well as much more useful information.

Have a look and let us know how you go. 


Winton Air Conditioning new premises.

Winton Air Conditioning has moved to 2/20 Mercer Lane Joondalup Perth WA. We have been in this location now for a little over a year after moving from our old Balcatta base.

The new Joondalup location is more accessible and has a good flow of foot traffic. Check out some of the pictures below of our offices.

Winton Air Conditioning Perth WA


Advantage Air & The New MyAir Controller.

The new MyAir air conditioning zone controller has been released by Advantage Air. The MyAir controller is impressive. Not only does it look great, but you can also control the individual air conditioning zones in increments.

MyAir Controller from Advantage Air

No longer do you have to choose if the zones are completely open or completely closed. The MyAir lets you control the zones in 10% increments. (e.g. Bed 1 open 50%, Living open 70%, Bed 2 closed).You can check out the new MyAir Controller by following the link, or by visiting the Advantage Air web site.

Winton Air Conditioning in Perth will offer the new MyAir controller as an optional extra for your system. Please talk to us if you would like to look at adding this new controller with your new air conditioning system.  


Welcome to Winton Air Conditioning - Supplying Air Conditioning Perth News.

We are currently updating our website. The site has been in operation for abour 4 years and we have decided it is time for an update.We hope to add more product data, more images and more information to help make your air conditioning purchasing experience an easier one.Please be sure to check back with the site to keep up to date with whats happpening.

After some Air Conditioning Perth advice? Call Winton Air Conditioning on (08) 9301 0088 or come visit us as 2/20 Mercer Lane Joondalup Western Australia.


Winton Air Conditioning Perth Update.


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