Winton Air Conditioning Peth Optional Extras
We are pleased to provide the following air conditioning optional extras for your consideration, please do not hesitate in discussing any of these with us. Pricing will be provided at time of quotation or upon your request.

Extra Air Conditioner Controller

A second air conditioning controller is excellent for double storey or large homes, allows easy access to air conditioner controls.


MyAir Zone Controller from Advantage Air

Optional controller you can upgrade to. The MyAir allows you to control zones in 10% increments and has a stylish look. It also uses a colour touch screen layout and is available with both white or black framing.


Extra Zone Station Panel

A second air conditioning zone controller is excellent for double storey or large homes for easier access.


Linear Elite Diffuser

Is an extremely stylish diffuser which is sure to enhance the look of your home? To maximise style within a budget, choose the Linear Elite for the formal areas only, using another style of diffuser for the bedrooms.


Clean-me L-E-D

A dirty filter increases your power usage, and makes the system work harder causing unnecessary wear-and-tear. It’s a discreet L.E.D. on the frame of the Purtech Return Air Grille. It flashes to advise you when the filter is dirty and requires cleaning.
Maintenance Package

To ensure all manufacturers and installation warranties are maintained we strongly suggest our annual maintenance plan. We also agree to fix the price of our maintenance for the term of your warranty.
Please do not hesitate in asking for further information in regards to any of the above options. Got something else you would like to add to your air conditioning quotation? Please feel free to let Winton Air Conditioning Perth know how we can customise your air conditioning system to best suit your individual needs or requirements.